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 GenRight AluminumTubular Fender Flare installation

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PostSubject: GenRight AluminumTubular Fender Flare installation   Thu 12 Apr 2012, 5:28 am

1. Disconnect the side marker light from in the fender flare (rotate approximately turn and pull out).

2. Remove the plastic fender flare support. There are a few more hex head bolts holding it in place.

3. Remove the stock plastic fender flare. There are several more plastic retainer clips to pop loose while removing. Some of these plastic retainers are tough! DO NOT bend the body while removing these fasteners!

4. Pre-install the new GenRight tube flare. Carefully place it up against the Jeep body and align the mounting holes. You should be able to balance it on the factory metal brace. DO NOT scratch the paint during this process.

5. At this point you can look at the flange on the new tube fender and see some holes line up with the factory fastener holes that held on the plastic flare. Mark the locations where there are no holes and drill new holes.

6. Remove the flare and drill the holes to fit the RivNuts supplied with your GenRight tube fenders. BE CAREFUL not to let the drill walk as the hole locations need to be precise. If you need to start with a small drill and gradually step up in size until the RivNut fits.

7. Install the RivNuts with the tool supplied.

8. Test fit the tube fender again to assure the holes are all in the correct positions.

9. If it looks correct, you can paint the fender.

10. once painted and dry, fully install the GenRight Tube fender, including bolts in the bottom of the fender that attach it to the factory lateral support.

11. Now repeat these steps to install the other side.

12. If you intent to re-use the factory inner fender, please read the following steps:

It will take time and care to carefully trim the stock inner fender to work with your new GenRight Tube fenders. There is no template for trimming. So you need to trim a little and re-fit it to get it to fit to your satisfaction. Be conservative and trim a little at a time. Work from front to the back of the inner fender.
You will find areas you can re-use bolts to hold the plastic in place. In the other areas you can re-use the factory plastic fasteners or zip ties.

For the rear fender well, you can coat the inner fender well with your choice of paint, spray on bed-liner, or have it professionally bed-lined. (the picture below has spray on self-applied bedliner)

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GenRight AluminumTubular Fender Flare installation
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